Transferring Wealth

Whether you want to maximize what you leave to your heirs, or leave a portion of your estate to charity, proper estate planning is essential. It is important to begin planning as soon as possible to minimize loss of an estate through tax or liquidation. Proper ownership of assets, including life insurance, is key to mitigating unnecessary taxation. There are numerous IRS approved strategies to help your desires come to fruition and enhance what you leave behind. Varga can help you put a team together to provide legal and taxation planning for transferring wealth.

Life insurance is a common tool used in estate planning, but the design and structure must be done correctly so benefits to an estate are maximized. Varga can provide attorneys that specialize in the implementation of strategies that involve leveraging. Not all estates are a fit for insurance leveraging.

Leveraged Life Insurance Strategies

Estates Over $10 Million

Using life insurance to funding for a future estate tax liability or increasing liquid assets to heirs is common place. But for larger policies, gift tax, and using after tax dollars can make the true out of pocket not practical.

Leveraging with bank money gives individuals a way to fund premiums for larger life insurance needs by creating a zero to little out of pocket plan for the client, and eliminates gift tax on funding. 

Life Strategies works well for family trust revitalization, and for planned giving, go to the Philanthropy page.

Multi-Gen for Estates Over $25 Million

Multi-Gen is a multi-generational estate planning strategy for high net worth individuals that are uninsurable due to age or health. With Multi-Gen, the first generation, as well as their children and grandchildren, can all have estate tax protections in place. Additionally, the patriarch can continue to use their assets without triggering substantial gift taxes, liquidation costs, or lost opportunity costs.